Friday, October 8, 2010

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Experiment 3 Submission - Extra Vids

Links to Youtube -

Vid 1 (Overview) -

Vid 2 (The Bridge) -

Vid 3 (Elevator One) Kerr -

Vid 4 (Meeting Space) -

Experiment 3 Submission - Drafts

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Experiment 3 Submission - Files

The following are the links to the required files on Filefront.

Further instructions -
once in the game to activate the elevators the flowgraphs must be opened.
'flowgraph1' is for the elevator belonging to Angela Merkel and
'flowgraph2' for the elevator belonging to Miranda Kerr.

the keys to use the elevators are,
Merkel - p/k (down/up)
Kerr - n/k (down/up)

Experiment 3 Submission - 5 Images

My design for experiment 3 is based upon Devils Canyon in Australia, with two spaces, one created for the Australian model Miranda Kerr and the other for German politician Angela Merkel.

The bridge and meeting area is situated at the bottom of the canyon and elevated only slightly above the surface of the water. This area of the canyon is almost entirely surrounded by cliffs and is suppose to sybmolise and isolation and separation from the world around them so both forms of power are stripped away. Miranda's power is based upon idolisation of aesthetic beauty. Angela's power is sourced from a system of democratic election where through public vote she has received her position. Both these women only have power through the use of others. I want the meeting space to remove this and create and equal ground for conversation. The bridge only hovers above the water and this intended to confront the client with the natural power of nature and give them the realisation of what power can achieve with the correct use.

The spaces are also supposed to have a symbolic relationship with the client. Miranda's is open and at one with nature. Kerr i well known spokeswomen for the environment and as such her space is open to fully experience the natural world. Perched upon a knoll, her space looks of the surrounding area, something which will hopefully be fully appreciated by such a person as Miss Kerr.

Angela's space is large and leans directly over whoever is entering the space. This is done to assert an immediate authority to any visitors. The power Merkel has is large and the should be seen in the space out of which she works.

The respective elevators support the same idea as each of the office spaces. Their designs should again reflect the individual personalities, systems and sources of power.
The table at which they shall meet is located with a view directly through the small gap in the cliff simply to again confront them with the natural beauty and power of the natural world.

I feel like this design works effectively with the principles of my intentions and the representations of power held by both Miranda Kerr and Angela Merkel.


above - space, Angela Merkel

above - space, Miranda Kerr

above - overview of the two spaces and the valley in-between where the bridge is located.

above - the bridge and meeting place

Experiment 3 Submission - News 'Mashup'

Mashup -
Power, the prestigious experience magic all around the world. Thousands are denied access to this highly visible list. The courageous will be pensioned but many will rally behind the powerful. Power is about being on the the list.

3 Articles -
Miranda Kerr -
Angela Merkel
Helen Keller -